Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

Special Issue: Physical Education and the Embodiment of the Nation

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Table of Contents


The Body Between the Protestant Souls and Nascent Nation-States: Physical Education as an Emerging School Subject in the Nineteenth Century PDF
Daniel Tröhler, Johannes Westberg 1-12


The Emergence of Physical Education as a Subject for Compulsory Schooling in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century: The Case of Phokion Heinrich Clias and Adolf Spiess PDF
Rebekka Horlacher 13-30
Shaping the National Body: Physical Education and the Transformation of German Nationalism in the Long Nineteenth Century PDF
Daniel Tröhler 31-45
Girls’ Gymnastics in the Service of the Nation: Educationalisation, Gender and Swedish Gymnastics in the Mid-Nineteenth Century PDF
Johannes Westberg 47-69
In-between “Swedish Gymnastics” and “Deutsche Turnkunst:” Educating “National” Citizens through Physical Education in Switzerland in the Last Decades of the Nineteenth Century PDF
Ingrid Brühwiler 71-84
Gymnastics between Protestantism and Libertinism from 1880 to 1940: A Comparative Analysis of Two Internationally Renowned Danish Gymnastics Educators PDF
Hans Bonde 85-111

ISSN: 2001-9076