Building Social Capital Through Civic Education in VET: A Comparative Study of Finland and Luxembourg (1960–1970)

Matias Gardin


Whereas social scientists and educationalists often make different assumptions about education, common to both groups is to render schooling responsible for the development of citizenship rights. Yet, a comparison of Finnish and Luxembourgian curriculum strategies in relation to building social capital – understood in the context of civic education in VET – has not been explored. Then, this study analyses these aspects during 1960–1970, for the period is regarded as the starting point for democratisation of education after WWII. The justification for the countries is based on their differences. However, both countries also experienced similar pressures to democratise education – especially regarding their VET – which need to be investigated, since little attention has been paid to the question of how the reforms of their former structures were legitimated by civic education. The conclusion addresses the importance of general education for the future of vocational careers.

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