Trondenes Seminarium: Et lærdomsmiljø grunnlegges

Liv Helene Willumsen


The present article investigates the foundation of the very first government-financed teacher training institute in Norway, Trondenes Seminarium. Esta­blished in 1826 in northern Norway, its aim was to train primary school teachers and catechists for the northernmost areas of the country, in response to the growing demand for qualified elementary school teachers. Discussing central factors related to the decision to locate this institution in the north, the article highlights the debate in the National Assembly and the interaction between central and regional levels within the national educational system. In addition, its first years of operation are examined, indicating the challenges met by the fledgling institute. As a micro-study, the article sheds light on some connections between regional and central factors, emphasizing the interplay between the state and the church during the early development of the Norwegian primary school system.

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