Vaisenhuset og Blaagaard Skolelærerseminarium: Forbindelsen mellom to lærdomsmiljø i København omkring 1795

Randi Skjelmo


Vaisenhuset (The Orphan House) in Copenhagen was established after the Nordic War (1700–1720) to take care of and educate orphans. The institution soon became a centre for the Pietists in Denmark. Blaagaard Institute was initiated by The Great School Commission and became the first government-financed teacher education in Denmark. It was established 1791 inspired by Enlightenment ideas. When The Orphan House was totally destroyed during a fire 1795, the initiative was taken to amalgamate with Blaagaard. This article answers the following questions: What kind of institution was The Orphan House in 1795? What kind of institution was Blaagaard? How was care and education for poor and orphan girls and boys planned to be realised in a new institution? Which future role was intended for The Orphan House in relation to Blaagaard?

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